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At last!!!!!!! As you can tell. This site hasn't been updated for a few weeks as I had connection problems with the remote server. Despite contacting my host on a daily basis, in order for them to correct the issue, they were unable to do so.

They kept complaining about the fact that Frontpage is no longer supported by Microsoft and so after trying to reinstall the Frontpage Server Extensions and that didn't work to resolve the issue they had no further options as they couldn't contact Microsoft to find out what the problem could be.

The only option they gave me was to use FTP to upload the site instead. However, using this method is not ideal for a number of reasons. Chiefly that parts of the site would not work unless I used the Frontpage Sharepoint Services option to upload my site.

After my Eastenders site broke with the same issue. I was getting desperate and tried on that site to upload some changes via FTP. This didn't work at all. However, it did highlight an issue. I could connect to the remote server via FTP. However, I could not make any changes. Adding files or removing files. This indicated that the the remote server was barring any new connections. Probably because it was full. This is the issue I was trying to tell my host was the most likely cause from the start. However, they would not listen.

Anyway, earlier today, after doing a lot more research. I sent them my data on possible causes and they have finally fixed the issue. They never, ever tell me what the solution was that fixed the error. However, I assume it was because they tried what I sent them to do. As previously that were claiming there was nothing else they could do.

So the site is finally fixed. Obviously I am a couple of weeks behind with updates now. For this update I will go with what I had originally prepared a few weeks ago and then over the next couple of days I will endeavour to catch up on the missing episodes I haven't watched yet and try to get back up to date.

I'm going to check now to see if they have managed to fix my Eastenders site too. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Latest - There are 120 new images with this update from the last week of Home and Away including: Ada Nicodemou, Bonnie Sveen, Bridgette Sneddon, Cassie Howarth, Demi Harman, Emily Symons, Emmy Dougall, Isabella Giovinazzo, Jessica Grace Smith, Kassandra Clementi & Philippa Northeast.

An ok week this time for the Home and Away babes.

Highlight of the week this time was probably Kassandra Clementi. She has the most new images at 36 and was looking particularly sexy early in the week in a bikini top and then in her work out gear on the beach.

Another highlight was seeing Emmy Dougall again who plays Jett's girlfriend Nina Bailey.

The latest images are on 3 pages.

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