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This is the video section where I will post video clips. I will not be hosting them on my own webspace as they will consume too much bandwidth. So I will hyperlink to the file hosted by Rapid Share.

To obtain the DivX codec see HERE.

Holly Brisley on the beach in a bikini - DivX 30.8 MB's 3 Mins 12 Secs


Kate Ritchie in a skirt suit and high heels - DivX 15.9 MB's 1 Min 39 Secs

Ada Nicodemou, Jodi Gordon, Kate Ritchie and Lynne McGranger in nice dresses at the horse races - DivX 35.2 MB's 3 Mins 38 Secs


Nicole Da Silva in a black bikini showing off some quality boobs - DivX 27.5 MB's 2 Mins 51 Secs

Indiana Evans in a short denim skirt - DivX 48.5 MB's 5 Mins 02 Secs

Jessica Tovey in a yellow miniskirt and brown tights - DivX 14.4 MB's 1 Min 30 Secs


Holly Brisley in a sexy bikini soaking in the sun by her pool - DivX 28.0 MB's 2 Mins 54 Secs

Jessica Tovey in a very sexy black dress - DivX 51.4 MB's 5 mins 23 Secs


Jessica Tovey in a nice bikini top showing some cleavage - DivX 18.7 MB's 1 Min 57 Secs

Drew having a daydream about his girlfriends mum, namely Holly Brisley in a very sexy bikini - also includes Jessica Tovey in a bikini top when Drew awakens to reality - DivX 17.9 MB's 1 Min 52 Secs

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